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                        ASMPT provides innovative and cost-effective solutions that help you successfully meet the industry’s demand for faster and powerful devices.


                        Automatic Active Alignment System (for Automotive Camera Application)


                        Automatic 3D Sensing Alignment System

                        Eagle AERO

                        For High-end IC Applications

                        Lens Holder Attach System


                        Automatic Active Alignment Bonding System for Camera Module Assembly

                        Lens Holder Attach System


                        Automatic Lens Holder Attach System

                        DI-water Cleaning System


                        Automatic DI-Water Cleaning System


                        Automatic Die Bonding System (12” wafer handling)

                        Ball Bonder OPTO/LED Wire Bonding Equipment

                        Harrier Xtreme

                        Dual-Head Extreme High Speed Wire Bonder

                        OPTO/LED Wire Bonding Equipment

                        iHawk Xpress XL

                        Wire Bonder

                        Ball Bonder OPTO/LED Wire Bonding Equipment

                        iHawk Xtreme

                        Wire Bonder

                        Strip Form Substrates AOI System

                        VIM300 / IS-VIM300

                        Automated Optical Inspection

                        Other Applications